Early  New  Zealand  Statutes

About This Collection


Early New Zealand Statutes is a collection of assent versions of New Zealand ordinances and statutes. Subsequent amendments to amend or repeal of any of these laws are not noted on the assent versions.

The collection covers 100 consecutive years of New Zealand law-making from 1841-1940. It comprises Ordinances 1841-1854, Acts of Parliament 1854-1940, Auckland Provincial Acts 1853-1876 and Reprinted Statutes 1908. The statutes are arranged chronologically by year.

Early New Zealand Statutes was developed by staff from The Davis Law Library and Digital Services at The University of Auckland Library.


Early New Zealand Statutes is an Open Access collection available to all users.

This collection will be of particular interest to legal professionals, academic and New Zealand history researchers.

This website can be found on the internet by searching for Early New Zealand Statutes.


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Early New Zealand Statutes by The University of Auckland Library is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 New Zealand License.

No Crown Copyright. See Copyright Act 1994, Sn 27(1)b.

About This Project

Technical Process

This project used Adobe Acrobat and ABBYY Finereader software to capture images of original pages and convert them to text-behind-image PDF files.

Each PDF file was scanned at 300 or 400 dpi.

Optical character recognition of the text is approximately 95% accurate.


A downloadable PDF file has been created for every Ordinance or Act.

B-engine is the delivery software used for display, browse and search functions.

The text of all or some of the statutes can be searched with the "Search" and "Advanced Search" functions. The collection can also be browsed by year.


A back-up copy of Early New Zealand Statutes is maintained to mitigate for possible disaster and to ensure business continuity.


Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, for use of the image at the top of the page. Permission must be obtained before any re-use.

Parliamentary Counsel Office, Wellington for copies of 1938 and 1940 enacted statutes